2013 Collections Runway Photo Albums

Built For Man


To create garments that stand out for practicality, comfort and style, while tirelessly pursuing the code of ethical and socially responsible behavior.

Company Overview
Designer’s Vision - At Built for Man our vision is simple: Look. Feel. Know What You’re Wearing…We are a small, fashion-forward company based in the Pacific Northwest. Let us introduce you to our collection of fashionable apparel that will complement and enhance your personal style. Filled with light yet stylish pieces made of natural fibers, our collection is designed specifically to provide you with the most comfortable layering items for this season and every season after.

And What You’re Doing
We provide rural communities in Peru with a loom which enables these communities to improve their quality of life and continue their ancient traditional looming techniques. Utilizing the most luxurious yarns—Pima Cotton, Baby Alpaca, and Silk—these communities bring our designs to life and help us to create garments that stand out for their practicality, comfort and style. Read more about The Loom Project.

http://www.builtforman.com    /    https://www.facebook.com/builtforman

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