PFW POP UP SHOPS at Pioneer Square

are moving to the bricks at Pioneer Square!

Sept 5th-7th, 2014

Be first in line for the best location as we throw a fashion fair at Pioneer Square.

Tens of thousands of Portlanders + major and independent brands + the most iconic square in Portland!

WHEN: Sept 5th to Sept 7th, 2014
TIME:  11am to 8pm Daily

WHERE: Pioneer Courthouse Square
COST: Just $500  - Unlike a normal tradeshow, we just want your help to cover costs, that’s it! We’re making it affordable so we can all help each other throw a great fashion festival!

Fashion Businesses

For retailers and designers.

Showing the clothes on the runway is fantastic, but local designers and retailers also need an opportunity to sell them. Since the shops sold out in less than 30 days, we have been doubled the size.

No ugly tradeshow here, the PFW Pop Up Shops don’t have 6ft tables and free hanging banners. See the photo album below for excellent design examples from the 2013 exhibitors.

Beauty Businesses

For retailers and independent artists.

After the tremendous success of the fashion pop up shops, and due to high demand, we will be adding a pampering beauty pavilion to the 2014 shows. Exhibitors must provide a service to the public.

We will welcome salons, cosmetic lines, hair stylists, makeup stylists, hair care lines, spray tanning, tanning salons, etc.


Join the shops now! {faq} 

  1. Floorplan coming soon!
  2. Spaces are about 9′ diameter and include a wood/white umbrella. You are recommended to bring racks, rugs, tags, etc. Electricity will not be provided or available.
  3. There will be daily live entertainment.
  4. Exhibitors are there to sell and sample! 
  5. Entry is free to attendees, NO COST to enjoy to the public.
  6. Concessions and bar will be provided by PFW sponsors.
  7. Shops accepted to this event and encouraged to join include family friendly businesses offering apparel, accessories, beauty treatments, fashionable home goods, jewelry, creative beauty services, tailoring services and more. 

Shop locations are first come, first serve so email to get in line!
Jessica Kane at

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